Nest Honey (comb honey)

Price: AED 270.00 (VAT Included)

Product Code: 0096

Product Description

The luxury to receive a whole gift from the bee ...
Since the beehives are cut out intact, the natural nutrition is packed tightly.
It has a very high nutritional value, so please eat as it is.
Not only as a special gift such as Kiju and Yonju, but also for people with high health awareness, it is also recommended for your home.
If you enjoy, Please eat in the same way as honey. Pick up with the attached wooden knife. Breaking it up makes it easier to eat. What remains in your mouth is the nutrient-rich beeswax. Please eat as it is. (Because beeswax floats, we can not recommend it as a sweetener.)

Storage and Handling
  • Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature.
  • Please do not give to babies under 1 year old.
  • The honey may crystallize white, but there is no change in quality and nutrition.
  • If it crystallizes, please boil slowly with 45-60 degree warm water.
  • The product delivered has a shelf life of 8 months or more.

Net Weight: 340g