Honey Snow Drink (Rose) 9 Bottles

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Product Description

Beauty drink to get along well with the sun.

An evolving brightening routine.

It is an "intake skincare" to fight against the UV-caused damages and oxidation. Easy inner care supplement; one bottle per day creates beautiful skin with its brightness. Precious Rose Placenta Extract, natural fruit juice complex and honey strengthen the foundation of the body, and lead to bright skin that brilliantly shines like the sun.

Protection & Activation. Protects the skin from UV-caused damage, and rejuvenates cells to achieve brightness coming from the inside

Prevention. Perfect blend of 4 kinds of natural fruit juice. Blocks UV-caused damages and prevents oxidation to achieve fair skin.

Barrier. Strengthens the barrier function and suppresses melanin formation.

Supporting. Enhancing immune function of the skin.

Rose Placenta Extract® 
Plant-originated placenta extracted from precious Bulgarian Damask roses, which has 3 times stronger free radical scavenging activity. It promotes skin turnover and rejuvenates skin cells leading to youthful beautiful skin.

Camu Camu 
Is found around Amazon River in Brazil and Peru. Its fruit is a super food that contains 1.7 times more vitamin C than that of Acerola fruit. Great anti-oxidant effect is expected.

Pycnogenol® (French Maritime Pine Bark Extract)
It is an extract of French pine bark, which contains more than 40 kinds of flavonoids effective for anti-oxidant. It has active oxygen removing effect, suppresses melanin production, promotes blood circulation, and improves skin elasticity.

Is found in Northern Europe and Canada, and its fruit contains whitening components, various kinds of polyphenol such as Arbutin and Resveratrol. Suppresses melanin formation, improves blood circulation, and leads to bright skin that shines from the inside.

Maqui Berry 
Is found in Patagonia, South America. Its fruit contains Anthocyanin components, which are said to be beneficial for eyes. Especially Delphinidin content is high compared with other berries like Cassis and Bilberry. Blocks active oxygen, suppresses inflammation caused by UV-damage.

Pineapple Fruit Extract 
Provides ceramides that retain moisture in the skin, which strengthens the barrier function and provides glow from the inside. Pineapple-specific component, "Phytol", suppresses melanin formation. It also leads the skin to bright and youthful.

Its fruit is rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C and flavonoids. Citric acid prevents accumulation of lactic acid (fatigue component) and blocks fatigue.

AC-11® (Cat's Claw Extract)
It is an extract of South American herb, which repairs the DNA damages caused by active oxygen. It enhances immune function of the skin and leads to youthful healthy skin.

High-quality honey is selected by our over 100 years old bee farm. Rich in vitamins, minerals, an amino acids that are essential for building healthy body.

Chishimazasa Leaf Extract
It is rare, as it can be harvested in only a certain period of the summer in less-polluted Hakkoda Mountains. It removes active oxygen, and boosts immune system.

Olive Fruit Polyphenols
Polyphenols that are contained in fully ripe olive fruits from Southern France. Their anti-oxidative power cares for UV-caused damage.

Rose Placenta Extract® is a registered trademark of Ginza Tomato Co., Ltd.

Pycnogenol® is a registered trademark of Hofer Research.

Suggested UseA daily intake of 1 bottle per day is recommended. Let the drink the cool in the refrigerator and shake contents before opening the bottle. You may also add it on yogurt for breakfast. It is recommended to drink it before going out, prior to being exposed to the UV rays of the sun. To perfectly support your beauty and health 24/7, start your day with "Honey Snow Rose" and call it a day with "Honey Collagen".
InstructionsTake one bottle per day on daily basis.
Storage and HandlingNone
Weight / Ingredients 
Net Weight750 mL (30mL x 25 pcs.)
Ingredients: Erythritol ・Fruits (Lemon, Camu camu, Lingonberry, Maqui berry) ・Maltooligosaccharide Syrup Chishimazasa Extract ・ Rose Placenta Extrac ・Pineapple Fruit Extract (contains ceramide) ・French Maritime Pine Extract ・Honey ・Maltodextrin. Olive Polyphenol ・Cat's Claw Extract ・Vitamin C ・Trehalose ・Flavor Stabilizer (Pectin) ・Acidulants ・Zinc Gluconate ・Caramel color ・Grapefruit Seed Extract, ・Sweetener (Acesulfame potassium ・Sucralose), Vitamin B2 ・Vitamin B1 ・Vitamin B6 ・Folic acid